Oh Baby!

So I held a baby shower last year, which my sister helped to organise. Some of my lovely close friends help set up and delivered a game of their own as well. I made bottles with biscuits hooked around the bottleneck filled with sweets as lovely prizes for the group that won. I also had a DIY photobooth with props for my lovelies to take selfie snaps, which they could tag me on.


So as everyone entered the room where they met for snacks and drinks, they mingled and were each handed an icebreaker sheet, which they had to answer by finding someone similar to them in their answers. Each lady also received a coloured wristband with a mini pacifier or bear charm, which represented a particular group they had to be in for the remaining chunk of the baby shower.


Below is a list of the games we played.


As girls enter my home…

  1. Don’t Say Baby Name (Pacifiers)
  2. Discovery Game

Put Girls into Groups (Based on Colour wristbands allocated)

  1. Word Search
  2. How well do you know your mummy?
  3. Name the Nursery Rhyme
  4. Baby Animals
  5. Bingo
  6. Nappy Tasting


  1. Name the Celebrity Baby
  2. Baby Babble
  3. Baby Charades
  4. Name the Disney Babies
  5. Make Playdo Babies


Food/Drinks time

  1. Baby Sketch on a Plate
  2. Diaper Game
  3. Guess the Mother’s Measurements
  4. Wishes for the Baby

Prizes and End of Baby Shower