Henna Reflection Journals

Kids and Elderly Course

Do you know anyone that would benefit from some henna fun? Sometimes writing journals help the mind to stay focused and feel free.

Writing a journal can be very therapeutic giving people the opportunity to take time to reflect, hence, keeping their bran as sharp as a pencil. Writing keeps the mind and body healthy helping to combat memory loss and is a superb muscle workout. It’s also a great way to record life memories to share with children, grandchildren and friends.

Course Content:

  • History and Benefits of Henna.
  • Inspiration ideas.
  • Developing basic Henna shapes into more complex designs.
  • Henna Paints and embellishments
  • Opportunities to design a notebook to keep as a journal.

Date: Please contact us for dates.

Time: 11am-1pm or 5pm-7pm

Venue: North London

Level: Beginners or anyone who has briefly explored henna.

Equipment/Materials: The course will include a FREE Notebook with all Henna Materials provided for the course so you will not need to bring any of your own resources.

Age: Children under 15 or Elderly over 60

Food/Drink: Light snacks and refreshments provided.

Price: £15 per person.

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