Henna Decorative Plates

Henna Inspired Decorative Plates

Would you like to learn how to design your own  decorative henna plate along with a candle and tea lights? 

Decorating plates complimented with candles and tea lights are a great hamper to gift to your loved ones. The perfect surprise for birthdays or Christmas or celebrations such as Eid and Diwali. 

Course Content:

  • Brief history of Henna.
  • Where to find Henna Inspiration.
  • Developing basic Henna shapes into more complex designs.
  • Creating cones
  • Exploring Henna,  Paints and embellishments
  • Painting candles and tea lights
  • Painting your decorative plate
  • How to promote your own business/henna art hobby online and offline
  • Useful tips on effective artwork photography.
  • Supplier Directory of cost-effective henna materials.
  • Opportunities to practice on a a plate, candle and tea lights to take home gift wrapped in cellophane and ribbon for a loved one. 

Date: Please contact us for dates.

Time: 11am-3pm

Venue: North London

Level: Beginners or anyone who has briefly explored henna.

Equipment/Materials: The course will include a FREE Gift Bag with a decorative plate, candle and tea lights.  All Henna Materials are provided for the course so you will not need to bring any of your own resources.

Food/Drink: Light snacks and refreshments provided.

Price: £85 per person.