Why we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone!

Why we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone!

So I’m a scorpion who is very much a person who likes to stick to what she knows. Living in the desert doing our thing, on our own, and then mixing with people from different cultures but not having to feel like I have to stick and belong to the same group of people all the time. Opening up the mind and accepting who you are and pushing your beliefs (despite everyone else’s judgements or opinions) is always a battle. But there comes a time in life when we’re all grown up and we take on more responsibilities, that this thing of caring about what society or others think of us really doesn’t matter. But how do we remove those obstacles from our mind and just let go and be free?

This is the challenge I sometimes faced growing up in a slightly strict family. Control has always been there, although I am lucky that my family are very supportive and love me deeply and care for my health and wellbeing. Control really is in the mind, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that! On a day-to-day basis we get so consumed by social media, celebs and their thin waists, millionaires telling us how to make more money, health companies selling us diet supplements or advice. But the truth of the matter is, yes of course at times we need help and support, but we know as adults what the difference is between right and wrong, what’s good for us and what isn’t. So, I’m not saying we should listen or take the advice of others and feel inspired by others successes, but perhaps I’m trying to go through a phase in my life where I simply “just want to be me” but I want to better myself as a person, learn every single day, build on my qualities and develop and enhance my weaknesses. Be your own Hero!

Who do we want to be?

Someone who wants to add value to their life!

Someone who wants to be an open and expressive person about their feelings so if someone is saying something nice about you, then you want to be able to accept and take the compliment and feel gratitude and appreciate that they recognise something in you that you should recognise and accept and be grateful for yourself.

Someone who wants to be able to take constructive criticism by people that only has your best interests at heart and take it on board to research and improve on this. Which pretty much means throwing yourself out of your comfort zone and constantly dealing with challenges head on but not seeing it as a s*** load of work that is unachievable and makes you feel miserable.

Someone who wants to stop the negativity that flows into your mind and manifests on your hopes and dreams. Hey we can’t be positive every second of the day as let’s be real here, things go wrong! But we can change the way we react to it. So you want to be less reactive to other people’s opinions and judgements and have a very assertive and compassionate approach to it.

Someone who wants to be decisive and nipping it in the bud there and then to avoid someone getting on your last nerve and throwing you off course. Being upfront, direct and backing yourself is key!

Someone who wants to be nice to yourself and love yourself. This does mean, get off your bum and excercise, even if the weather is miserable or even if there is a good show on tv. There will always be an excuse! Just tie your hair in a bun, put your running gear on, do a stretch at home, and then walk out the door and take your water and keys with you. Being in nature is beautiful once you’re out there. Who gives a toss if you haven’t got your makeup on that day. I’ve learnt to realise that looking at my natural skin more and more, rather than covering it up with foundation all the time allows me to see ME in the mirror and encourages me to drink more water so that I can make my skin and body feel fresh, clear and glowing.

Someone who wants to be the best mummy in the world. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect! But it means you have to be a good role model to your little one and show them that mummy makes mistakes too, but mummy is wise enough and has researched the right tools and skillset to battle her fears and anxieties and become wiser by learning from her mistakes.

Someone who wants to remove toxic and wasteful relationships from their life. Whether it’s friends or family, being selective about who you spend your time with and how you spend your time is so so important. It’s difficult to always find time for everyone else. I often am the person saying “sorry it’s been so long since we’ve met” but I’m realising now, that putting myself first and giving myself the time and care that I need is my number one priority, otherwise how can I help, serve and support my friends and family. I want to look good and feel good about myself, so I need to be on form and make this happen by not feeling guilty about it. Which now leads onto the next thing…

Someone who wants to NOT feel guilty for the decisions you make in life. We never came onto this earth with a manual on how to be a good parent, friend, sibling, partner or colleague. This development comes from learning and improving, learning and improving non stop! I always find that guilt gets the better of us, and again that is control that is wasted, when you could be out there forming more new networks, being in nature, taking a breather and feeling free! Guilt eats us inside and keeps us awake at night, and well it just needs to stop.

Someone who wants to always have better quality sleep! You want your sleep to be of the best quality even if it’s only a few hours at times. It’s important to really check yourself that you don’t wake up feeling negative, grouchy, annoyed and irritated. As that emotion just consumes our energy and sets us off onto the wrong path first thing in the morning, then that effects our decision making, how we feel when we have a shower, how and what we eat in the morning or during the day to fulfil that stress.

Someone who wants to explore food and drink and not feel crap about eating a little McDs now and then. It’s ok, to eat in moderation. But are we educating ourselves on the the types of foods and drinks we are putting into our body? Do we really understand the value and types of vitamins that are in certain vegetables and what goodness it can bring to us? For example, It’s all good saying I’m a vegetarian, but am I healthy vegetarian that understands what each vegetable and fruit contains and the benefits of it? Or am I just stocking up on carbs that makes me feel even more tired and lethargic!

Ultimately, what we need to do, is manifest our dreams and hopes, by being who we want to be, not assigning yourself to agreeing what society and social media followers think of you, but focusing on being a better human being and serving yourself with love, compassion, friendship (and I mean be friends with your mind!) and be free to explore, back yourself and make mistakes, but do learn from them.

I find that every time I have a challenge and feel a little stressed, nervous or anxious, drawing and painting really helps me to manage my mind and switch off from the external stimuli. Try it and see, or perhaps we can draw and paint together!

I hope this helps! We are here on this planet together, let’s help and nurture one another by being kind to ourselves. xxx