#TheMehndiMindsMovement Break Out Space and Benefits to the Community

#TheMehndiMindsMovement Break Out Space and Benefits to the Community

Henna Break Out Space.

As an Award winning teacher, I’ve always wanted to work with the community and create any opportunity to create an environment where people can come along and learn something new. Teaching is a very rewarding job despite the pressure behind it.

Here we are creating an open break out space for the local community to pick up a henna cone, practice patterns and shapes, design ideas, talk or sit in a peaceful environment, have a sip of tea or coffee and meet people from all walks of life.

There are no expectations to come with materials or experience. It is for anyone who is interested in learning something new and trying out something that’s not widely available in a more relaxed setting.


  • Have a breakfrom a busy day.
  • Unwindand enjoyunlimited warm soothing drinksand biscuits.
  • Explore henna in a therapeuticand creativeway.
  • Perfect for self-expression.
  • Relieve anxietyand stressin a relaxedand calmatmosphere.
  • Meetlike-minded people.
  • Come with friendsor family.
  • Bringing a communityof people together.


Feel free to join my meetup group to watch more regular posts of my #TheMehndiMindsMovement Break Out Space Dates.

See you at the Break Out Space xxx