The Benefits of Having a Workshop delivered at Home

The Benefits of Having a Workshop delivered at Home

The Benefits of having a workshop in your home.

  • Improve your artwork by picking up skills from an experienced artist.
  • Energise and rejuvenate your creative juices by exploring a creative henna piece.
  • Refresh your knowledge by learning new tips.
  • Unique experience of learning a henna art piece by developing new techniques in
  • Socialising with friends or family to share ideas whilst talking and listening to music in the background in a relaxed environment. 
  • Motivation to work on something that is very therapeutic, interactive, engaging and fun.
  • Options to choose whether watch the tv instead, sit and be bored or to have fun and learn something new.


Delivering Henna Art Workshops at your home or workplace.

A lovely lady contacted me apologising for booking onto my Halloween Henna inspired workshop as she had double booked herself. She really wanted to book the course for her niece and daughter but unfortunately they couldn’t make the date in October. So as she didn’t live far from me, I thought it would be worth the trip to their house to teach her niece and daughter the Art of Modern Henna in the comfort of their own home. Geeta was so kind to also provide light lunch and snacks for me as I sat down with the girls to talk about inspiration, Art therapy and mindfulness. Sometimes new opportunities arise from something that doesn’t quite go to plan, but the most important thing is to embrace it. I had a great time, sipping away on some homemade tea whilst I taught the girls how to decorate candles, tea lights and canvases with henna paint cones. They enjoyed the experience and really took away a wealth of inspiration and skills to carry on their creative journey.

Enjoy the learning xxx