Decorating Cakes for an Engagement Party – Showing Gratitude

Decorating Cakes for an Engagement Party – Showing Gratitude

Feeling the Gratitude and not looking for Reassurance.

Sometimes it can be quite daunting when you wake up one morning and lose track of what your purpose is and feel quite disorganised with a to-do list which is over-flooding your mind. Even amongst the chaos of how much you have to do both in your work and personal life, there are people out there that really do remind you of the talents and skills you have. It was such a wonderful surprise to have Ash Patel request over 100 henna decorative cupcakes to be designed for his engagement. I was so thrilled but equally quite nervous to design his cakes as I’ve never decorated cupcakes before so this was my first attempt.

They wanted a Bollywood theme colour code for their food, drinks and decor so my henna vibrant cupcakes really fitted into their theme. When we saw them, Ash, his partner Lilly and Family where so excited and amazed by the work. I’m glad they enjoyed it. It made me feel so much better about my abilities to design.

It is important to realise that we shouldn’t wait for reassurance. Just wake up every morning and have the confidence that it will all work out ok, and to my surprise it did!

A very happy smile from me! xxx